• stir fried tofu, bok choy, tatsoi
  • indian kohlrabi, yogurt rice or kala masala rice
  • palak paneer
  • butternut risotto, salad


this week

I have bought more at the market last week and this week than I managed to eat. In addition to being unusually busy, I failed to have a good plan, so back to menu-making:
  • cauliflower and spinach with black pepper coconut milk sauce
  • pad see ew with tofu and mushrooms
  • mexican fava bean salad, probably in tortillas, probably guacamole
  • chile lemongrass rice, red curry zucchini and tofu


upcoming food


septembery greenmarket

september greenmarket by gay.goy.gourmet
september greenmarket, a photo by gay.goy.gourmet on Flickr.

  1. gai pad grapow, jasmine rice
  2. cayenne-spiked cauliflower with onion-tomato sauce; rice with peas
  3. pesto and whole wheat pasta
  4. eggplant curry with kala/goda masala and tomato; rice with almonds and fresh mint
  5. polenta with rogue oregonzola; salad
  6. macaroni and cheese with andouille and Beecher’s cheddar from Seattle; roasted brussels sprouts
oh, and I made a challah.


tasty market things!

  • focaccia with tomatoes and garlic; salad with red leaf lettuce, basil, and anchovies
  • linguine with tomatoes, garlic, basil, and anchovies
  • zucchini and tomato stewed with saffron and basil, served with couscous
  • spicy-tart bell peppers and peas, yogurt rice


some vicki produce!


A few days of tasty things before heading to Chicago next thursday

pad prik khing muu grap. dry, oily curry with green beans and crispy pork and tofueggplant biryaniDSC_0005.NEF
  • some kind of moong dal with tomato, and some flaky parathas
  • thai eggplant salad or perhaps eggplant biryani, maybe both
  • pad prik khing (the canned kind, though I should make the paste again soon)
  • pretzel rolls and salad (mainly to show up Andrew’s pretzel bread)
  • Maybe pesto. I bought a giant bunch of basil for $3 today, with enough root attached that I planted it. If it seems like it is dying int he next couple of days though it will just become pesto.



  • Red-wine spaghetti with broccoli
  • Pain meunier au romarin (sourdough boule with rosemary, 15% rye, 15% wholewheat); salad
  • Quiche with ricotta and zucchini
  • Something Indian with eggplant and curry leaves
  • Red lentils with pan-roasted green pepper; mooli chapatis


indian grocery restock

well, I’ve been through 20lb of basmati since moving here in September (not to mention the almost-empty jasmine and the various smaller varieties of rice and other grains). I guess that is a milestone of some sort. I had been putting off making several dishes that I felt really did require fresh curry leaves, and I was finally so frustrated at this situation that I had to go to Jackson Heights last night to fix it. So the next few days are all Indian.

  • palghat spinach (with amaranth/waterspinach/calaloo from the greenmarket)
  • corn with cumin, curry leaves, and chiles
  • coconut ivy gourd with curry leaves
  • mooli parathas (pictured here)
  • kheema mutter
  • pigeon peas sambhar with okra, shallots, tamarind


for this week

I got back from Dublin and restocked on some basic things (coffee, store milk and yogurt) since there’s no market until thursday and I like the friday one best anyway.

  • tofu and snow peas, garlic-oystersauce
  • moong nu dal, onion-spinach rice with ghee
  • tea and ginger chickpeas, puréed into hummus
  • asparagus and baby potato salad with hard-cooked eggs and garlic scapes; sourdough roll from buon pane
  • blue cheese polenta — westside still has rogue creamery stuff for the insane price of $8/lb! not to be missed. I bought some caveman, but would probably use oregonzola for this.

    zaletti - 3focacciastuffed eggsa trio of salsas
  • For Sunday



  • sand shark with chile basil garlic sauce, lemongrass coconut rice
  • tacos of zucchini and frijoles de olla
  • patatas en salsa verde with fresh peas
  • calzones with mozzarella and some kind of salami, maybe some bolognese, for the High Line Section 2 opening with Brian
  • turnip korma, yogurt rice


a pile of vicki vegetables

Scott was here for the weekend and brought me a wondrous supply of vegetables from our Chicago CSA farmer Vicki.

  • asparagus and tofu thai red curry
  • kale pineapple peanut stew; couscous
  • baked asparagus cream sauce pasta with leftover cheeses
  • omelette with arugula and rogue caveman blue
  • patatas en salsa verde, unmade from last week; I had lime flavored rice with toasted chana instead
  • turnip korma and rotis/parathas


springy things

stir fried pea shoots with tofu and dried shrimpPatatas en salsa verdeeggplant saladEarly Summer Salad


this week

  • spinach with chiles and coconut, or toasted moong dal with spinach, rotis
  • dan dan noodles with ground beef and half a tofu
  • zucchini and havarti cream sauce over couscous with sun dried tomato
  • potato+sweet potato with panch phoron, coconut milk, spinach


what I'm eating this week

  • salad with roasted beet, havarti, egg, radish; petite boule au levain
  • squid salad, lemongrass coconut rice
  • gongura dal with radish greens in addition to the sorrel (gongura)
  • Mint pesto potatoes with green beans
  • liver curry, plain rice with peas, small salad
  • dan dan noodles again. I had not realized how easy they were.


quick iphone location data

I threw together some code to look at my iphone location data. There are a couple strange features to the data, and I'm eager to get my hands on a friend’s iphone4 data to see if it is the same. Timestamps are often the same — I’ll have 350 entries on some days, but only 7 or max 10 unique timestamps. On the other hand, location points themselves are pretty good.

Yup. NYC, Chicago, and I was in DC around xmas.

There are a couple wild points in NJ, and perhaps the ocean, making the bounding box too large here.

This is a couple weeks ago when I was out in Elmhurst, Queens, for the Thai Songkran festival. See my pictures (with amod gps logger geotags) here!

I flew into Chicago on New Year’s Eve. But, no points are stored from the rest of the day, only the train ride in, from O’hare apparently.

And last time I was in chicago, on one day I only went to the Maxwell Street Market for mexican food, and mostly hung out at home. Which is somewhere not far from that cloud of points.

Here’s the code.

dbh <- dbConnect("SQLite", "~/Consolidated.db")
Loc <- dbReadTable(dbh, "CellLocation")
Loc$time <- as.POSIXct(Loc$Timestamp,
Loc$date <- as.Date(Loc$time)
Loc <- subset(Loc, Latitude != 0)

## Focus on a couple a specific days
Days <- list(
             ## whole thing
             ## last sunday, park, soho
             Sunday <- Loc[Loc$date == as.Date("2011-04-17"),],
             ## songkran
             Songkran <- Loc[Loc$date == as.Date("2011-04-10"),],
             ## NYE
             Nye <- Loc[Loc$date == as.Date("2010-12-31"),],
             ## Maxwell
             Maxwell <- Loc[Loc$date == as.Date("2011-04-04"),],

lapply(Days, function(Df) {
  bb <- qbbox(lat=range(Df$Latitude),
  ##m <- c(mean(range(Df$Latitude)), # better for 'all' plot
  ##       mean(range(Df$Longitude)))
  m <- c(median(Df$Latitude),
  zoom <- min(MaxZoom(latrange=bb$latR,lonrange=bb$lonR))
  Map <- GetMap.bbox(bb$lonR,
  tmp <- PlotOnStaticMap(lat=Df$Latitude, lon=Df$Longitude,
                         MyMap=Map, NEWMAP=FALSE)


things to eat

  • roasted potato and sweet potato with garlicky yogurt-spinach sauce
  • roasted squash and parsnips with maple glaze, garlic oil, and olives. Perhaps even better with mushrooms (Sunday market)
  • variation on dan dan noodles, with ground beef, my chili oil, and some blanched *choy
  • kale peanut stew, couscous
  • E(μ) chorizo challah. Yes. Like this, but with an E(μ) egg. Salad.
  • some manner of rajma, still unmade; spinach-onion rice
  • south indian liver curry (listed before, unmade)
  • pasta with tasso and onion cream sauce (actually made a couple days ago)


this week

  • pineapple kale peanut stew, quinoa
  • tofu with garlic sauce and chili oil (not unlike this), brown rice, maybe a couple frozen dumplings
  • taro with curry leaves and tamarind; coconut rice
  • salad with blood orange, julienned beets, and pecans (yes, more, I have one more baby beet and one more blood orange)
  • pain au levain with roasted garlic (got a ton of great german red garlic at greenmarket)
  • south Indian liver curry
  • omelette with mahon ($6/lb at westside market? wtf, ok), pan-fried potatoes with tasso


I neglected to post things recently so this is a mix of made and unmade stuff of late.

razor clams with spicy lime honey sauce and crisp-fried shallots
skate with volpi un mundo filone and sweet red pepper
polenta with turkey sausage and caramelized onions + garlic
  • sweet and spicy razor clams
  • pan-fried skate wing with diced sausage, shallot, and pepper (I was going to add smoked paprika but it didn't need it. It was perfect).
  • sourdough focaccia (BBA poolish focaccia where poolish replaced by 8oz of 100% hydration starter plus 6flour+6water)
  • sourdough chocolate cake
  • polenta with broiled turkey sausage, rosemary, and garlic. The coarse white Three Sisters Garden polenta is the real deal. It takes a minimum of an hour and a half to cook and it retains a brilliant corn flavor.
  • salad with blood orange, julienned beets, and pecans
  • blood orange olive oil pound cake
  • black-eyed peas with fenugreek and tomato sauce (methi lobhia)
  • frittata with salami, potatoes, and red pepper
  • taro with curry leaves and tamarind; coconut rice
  • Vanilla parsnip soup


a rather italian week, it seems

  • polenta with turkey sausage and caramelized onions
  • spaghetti alla bolognese
  • squash apple soup, boule au levain
  • beet risotto
  • tortilla de papas y chorizo


tasty things

  • finally found pixian (broad bean) doubanjiang (郫县豆瓣酱) for even better mapo liver & tofu!
  • pad grapao and grilled eggplant salad yam makreua yao, “attractively smoky… hot, and equally sour and salty” (David Thomson’s Thai Food is full of such descriptions attempting to capture the unique balance of sweet-hot-salty-sour that characterizes each dish.)
  • pizze: bacon+date+besciamella, merguez+spinach+feta, pear+gorgonzola+honey
  • kashmiri dum aloo slow-cooked baby potatoes in yogurt-fennel sauce
  • kale saag paneer, saffron rice
  • rice (either tossed or maybe full on fried rice) with shanghai bok choy, garlic, and dried shrimp



I’m planning to go stock up on some Indian and Chinese ingredients this weekend. In order to prevent myself from overbuying fresh perishable ingredients, these are the things I plan to make next week with fresh stuff.

  • tindora with curry leaves and coconut
  • stir fried baby bok choy with dried shrimp
  • mapo liver and tofu looks sublime; bought liver at greenmarket today
  • if they have sorrel, gongura dal


to eat

Two things from last week:

  • turnips with mustard braise; quinoa
  • squash apple soup and challah


a couple constraints

I have things tuesday and wednesday to plan around so an unusually ordered list…

something thai with tasty fresh squid
leftover chorizo potato soup, bread, wine
Burns Supper chez Bob (haggis!)
something simple after Haiti Noir (NYT) (pasta and frozen tomato sauce?)
thursday or friday
squash apple soup and some kind of bread
friday or thursday
braised turnips with mustard sauce



  • pasta with celery root pesto; Gavi or Orvieto
  • potato-chorizo soup; bread from silver moon; the very good Rioja I got a few weeks ago
  • pizze: beet-chèvre, parsnip-potato-rosemary, pear-gorgonzola
  • calzone: turkey sausage, roasted tomato sauce
  • some Indian cabbage dish
  • some Indian chicken dish
    • (with above: black-cardamom rice, yogurt rice)