for this week

I got back from Dublin and restocked on some basic things (coffee, store milk and yogurt) since there’s no market until thursday and I like the friday one best anyway.

  • tofu and snow peas, garlic-oystersauce
  • moong nu dal, onion-spinach rice with ghee
  • tea and ginger chickpeas, puréed into hummus
  • asparagus and baby potato salad with hard-cooked eggs and garlic scapes; sourdough roll from buon pane
  • blue cheese polenta — westside still has rogue creamery stuff for the insane price of $8/lb! not to be missed. I bought some caveman, but would probably use oregonzola for this.

    zaletti - 3focacciastuffed eggsa trio of salsas
  • For Sunday



  • sand shark with chile basil garlic sauce, lemongrass coconut rice
  • tacos of zucchini and frijoles de olla
  • patatas en salsa verde with fresh peas
  • calzones with mozzarella and some kind of salami, maybe some bolognese, for the High Line Section 2 opening with Brian
  • turnip korma, yogurt rice