I think health should be a byproduct of eating well, for reasons that have nothing to do with health, such as cooking meals, eating together and eating real food. You’re going to be healthy, but that’s not the goal. The goal should just be eating well for pleasure, for community, and all the other reasons people eat.

small irony

When it comes to spreading [MRSA], it is not homosexuals we have to worry about….The medical researchers were not studying gays, they were studying the St. Louis Rams. That is correct: football players; in particular, linebackers.
from Salon via NYT.


A dashboard widget that plays pong against itself – and the score is the time!


If this comes to a gallery near me

I'm going to have to see it.

Kolbert review irrational behavioral economics

Directly relevant to a discussion Nick and I were having about constraints on choices.
faced with certain options, people will consistently make the wrong choice. Therefore, they argue, people should be offered options that work with, rather than against, their unreasoning tendencies.



  • smoked chicken salad, fresh mayonnaise
  • chicken and shrimp red curry, sticky rice, cucumber salad
  • quiche with bacon, spinach, mustard greens; salad
  • ma po tofu, lili potato thing, brown jasmine rice
  • kibbe & falafel, basbusa
  • spinach risotto or spinach gnocchi
  • meringues
  • mini lemon-custard and blueberry tart
And of course for today… Bittman’s chile-coffee-wine braised short ribs (beef from K. Hinkebein).



Mardi Gras this week (with several inches of snow on the ground, ha) means no Soulard market. Foodlist for a marketless week.
  • Veg. Lasagna (Made in Dec, Frozen)
  • Lentil soup, no-knead bread
  • Black bean soup and cornbread
  • Seared tuna with sweet potato
  • Lentil dal, radish paratha