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A silly story from last night

One of Hilary's friends at her party was showing off baby pictures on his phone. Suddenly, I received a text message and started replying to it. He noticed, and asked, "Do you have baby pictures on your phone too?"

"No. I don't have any babies."

"Well what have you been wasting your time doing? What have you been doing with an important part of your anatomy? Your biological duty?" he pressed on.

"Um, boys?"

He started laughing, and Martin was cracking up. It was great.

old rft article about black bear; panckes next saturday!

riverfronttimes.com | The Anarchists' Cookbook | 2001-03-07

Next saturday!

The third annual Confluence all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast will feature a large variety of delicious all-natural organic pancakes including multigrain, whole grain, and vegan pancakes. Also included are a variety of scrumptious fruit toppings, some of which are made from local handpicked fruits including strawberry jam. confluence volunteers and Black Bear bakers will serve up the yummy pancakes. Pure maple syrup and real butter!

Frank Rich, pretty good as usual

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: A High-Tech Lynching in Prime Time: "As Bill Maher summed it up for Jay Leno on the 'Tonight' show last week: ' 'Activist judges' is a code word for gay.'"


OU Kosher | (for scott)

OU Kosher | What's New for Passover 2005 (5765): "The OU position remains that extra virgin olive oil can be used without special supervision for Pesach. In addition, Bartenura, Carmel, Gefen, Mishpacha and Season olive oil will be available with an OU-P label. Della Rosa grapeseed oil will again be available this year. This last product was made in Europe with the cooperation of various other supervisions. Mother’s olive oil pan coating spray, Mishpacha olive oil spray and Manischewitz buttery safflower cooking spray, olive oil spray and olive oil garlic cooking sprays will also be available. Prepared olives with an OU-P will be available from Gefen, Osem, Kvuzat Yavne, Gilboa and Mishpacha."


NYT considers the Man Date

(from NYT) "Anyone who finds a date with a potential romantic partner to be a minefield of unspoken rules should consider the man date, a rendezvous between two straight men that is even more socially perilous." Another gem: "Other men say dinners may be all right, but never brunch, although a post-hangover meal taking place during brunch hours is O.K."


god damn that's cool

Slashdot | Google Adds Satellite Imagery to Maps (thanks to Scott for pointing it out to me first)