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CNN.com - Boy Scout official charged in child porn case biiiiiig fuckin' surprise.


Don't be her.

image of my bathroom trash can, full, and a feminine product wrapper next to itDon't be so lazy that you can't empty the bathroom trash, and then leave your fucking tampon wrapper on the floor next to it. That's just rude.

Amusing coincidence, interesting subject

The New York Times > Health > Mental Health & Behavior > At War With Their Bodies, They Seek to Sever Limbs a couple weeks after an episode of South Park "dealt with" elective surgery (specifically sex reassignment surgery, but also "negroplasty" and "dolphinoplasty").
"The Hippocratic oath says first do your patients no harm," he said in the film "Whole." But maybe the real harm, he said, is to refuse to treat such a patient, "leaving him in a state of permanent mental torment," when all it would take for him "to live a satisfied and happy life" would be to amputate.
...or turn him into a dolphin.


Yay, done with ethan's midterm

Just sent it to him. I had some fun with it (Chicken featured Redneck 1 and Redneck 2; the Japan question featured Fukui and Shinichiro from Iron Chef) and will post here eventually




so we've decided

that we actually want to get a pair of rings. We went to some jewellers on Wabash today and discovered our sizes (7.5 and 7.75) and looked at a few things. We don't have the time, knowledge, or money to select nice diamonds for a tension setting, but we agree that titanium is the metal of choice because it is both durable and exceptionally light. An inlay is a nice touch; understated without being gaudy. Platinum would be nice, but we don't need it and would rather go out to dinner a few times than spend the extra money on ice.

We've basically decided that an oblique 1–2mm band of white gold in a 6mm ring is ideal. The decision is now largely between a flat and a domed outer surface (note that yellow gold is pictured; we'd go with white). We'll head back to Wabash someday this week to see how the shape difference feels.



We varied (doubled, tweaked) this recipe for oatmeal cookies.

Salon.com News | Now serving no trans fat!

Salon.com News | Now serving no trans fat!: "Health advocates say the war on trans fat has become little more than a marketing opportunity for the major food companies to continue serving junk food with a healthy conscience. Meanwhile, with its new guidelines about avoiding trans fat, the USDA can appear to be doing the healthy thing without really causing the food companies to change their fatty ways."

I want a Mac Mini just to put in one of these.. and, well, to have.

SFBags - WaterField Designs - Mac mini Case

For Steve & Shane: Cacao

cocoa nibs, 7oz
cocoa beans, raw, whole dried


New nickel

I like the new nickel design.

new nickel design