a delightful dilemma

  • prik khing curry with chicken and long beans
  • chicken and vegetables in peanut sauce
  • quiche with bacon and mustard greens
  • linguine alla carbonara
  • roasted fennel and apple
  • something with eggplant. probably thai red curry, but maybe something chinese.
And the dilemma I wish I had every day of the year: what to do with about 4 pounds of tomatoes, a meaty red heirloom variety, green zebras, and sungolds.


back in st louis foodlist

  • shrimp tacos? or arroz/paella. or both.
  • red curry with chicken, salad (cucumber, tomato, avocado, onion, fishsauce)
  • stewed tuscan style lima beans and tomatoes, semolina bread
  • cantaloupe basil sorbet
  • tortilla española
  • ma po tofu, jasmine rice
  • corn, tomato, and goat cheese crêpes soufflées


vnc from mac to ubuntu of ssh

Combo of this on the server and this on the client