back in st louis foodlist

  • shrimp tacos? or arroz/paella. or both.
  • red curry with chicken, salad (cucumber, tomato, avocado, onion, fishsauce)
  • stewed tuscan style lima beans and tomatoes, semolina bread
  • cantaloupe basil sorbet
  • tortilla española
  • ma po tofu, jasmine rice
  • corn, tomato, and goat cheese crêpes soufflées

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Chris said...

I actually made some shrimp tacos Friday night, they came out *delicious*. I was going to grill the shrimp, but was out of propane, so I marinated them in olive oil, sea salt, paprika and a little lime juice, then sauteed them.

I prepared the tacos with the shrimp, a red cabbage slaw (red cabbage, mayo, cider vinegar, salt) and chipotle cream sauce (sour cream, finely chopped chipotle peppers in the sauce, dash of sugar and salt, lime juice). DELICIOUS.