• Red-wine spaghetti with broccoli
  • Pain meunier au romarin (sourdough boule with rosemary, 15% rye, 15% wholewheat); salad
  • Quiche with ricotta and zucchini
  • Something Indian with eggplant and curry leaves
  • Red lentils with pan-roasted green pepper; mooli chapatis


indian grocery restock

well, I’ve been through 20lb of basmati since moving here in September (not to mention the almost-empty jasmine and the various smaller varieties of rice and other grains). I guess that is a milestone of some sort. I had been putting off making several dishes that I felt really did require fresh curry leaves, and I was finally so frustrated at this situation that I had to go to Jackson Heights last night to fix it. So the next few days are all Indian.

  • palghat spinach (with amaranth/waterspinach/calaloo from the greenmarket)
  • corn with cumin, curry leaves, and chiles
  • coconut ivy gourd with curry leaves
  • mooli parathas (pictured here)
  • kheema mutter
  • pigeon peas sambhar with okra, shallots, tamarind