a preview of things to come

So this weekend is this thing called "international mister leather" ... something of a hypermasculinized (parody?) beauty pageant. If we're lucky we'll get some good pictures of leatherdaddies on the street. hehehe
iml preview

One week left to say "Oui"

danieldrezner.com :: Daniel W. Drezner :: One week left to say "Oui"


Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless

Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless: "I am coming to subscribe to the view that indeed, the WinTel hegemony is a threat to the national economic security of any organization or nation-state that relies up it."


teaching eric to shop, pt 1

5:46:58 PM eric: yup 5:47:39 PM eric: this shirt is cute 5:47:44 PM eric: the blue 1 5:48:02 PM eric: i want to blow myself right now 5:56:50 PM me: haha


Two(Four) reasons I subscribe to the New Yorker

Elizabeth Kolbert's series The Climate of Man: Higher Risk: Crystal meth, the Internet, and dangerous choices about AIDS by Michael Specter


Just How Gay Is the Right?

Just How Gay Is the Right? - New York Times: "It's a virulent animosity toward gay people that really unites the leaders of the anti-'activist' judiciary crusade, not any intellectually coherent legal theory (they're for judicial activism when it might benefit them in Florida)."

botanical garden

Lots of pictures from yesterday's adventure.

sucks for them!

While I was in the shower my neighbors apparently had to jump-start one of their cars... and didn't exercise appropriate caution or know what they were doing.
exploded cars

Oops. Oh, the tall boy in the picture is the one whom I don't know if he's gay or just scrawny.


I am equally puzzled.

What's Up, Pussycat? Whoa! - New York Times: "'For whatever reason, these cats are cats many people would like to have,' she said. 'There is some sort of wow factor to the 35-pound cat in your Manhattan apartment.'"


Yay, the AC is fixed

The repairman shared that he was glad he was called, and that some shoddy work had clearly been done previously by "some o' [my landlord] Goli's ay-rabs."

I'm not sure I'd ever heard anyone say ay-rab in seriousness before. But now I have cold air.

Oxytocin (what Scott's studying this summer)

This Is Your Brain on Motherhood - New York Times: "Oxytocin, produced by mammals in labor and breast-feeding, has been linked to the ability to learn in lab animals."

For Gay Men, an Attraction to a Different Kind of Scent - New York Times

For Gay Men, an Attraction to a Different Kind of Scent - New York Times: "Dr. Savic said that she had also studied gay women, but that the data were 'somewhat complicated' and not yet ready for publication."


silliness on car talk

"NPR is supported by member stations and by the autographed photos of Nina Totenberg we sell on the steps of the Supreme Court." If only!



  1. Dates and bacon with calvados, shallots, and garlic; béchamel with bianco sardo sharp sheep cheese
  2. Paprikás – paprika-sour cream sauce, caremalized onion with pimentón smoked paprika
  3. Caribbean – jerk sauce, tomato, avocado, chipotle jack
  4. Spinach - tomato - feta, marinara
  5. Pesto, tomato, fresh mozzarella
  6. Blue – cabrales, cashel, shropshire, mountain gorgonzola; sautéed shallot and garlic
  7. Apple mustard, sliced apples, and Westphalian ham
  8. TBD

pr(pass game theory final) is very low.

Rachel said it best: "I'm not sure what class Ethan thinks this test is the final for, but it's not the one I was in this semester."


The Pseudoscience of Intelligent Design

The Pseudoscience of Intelligent Design || kuro5hin.org: yay for Bayes' Rule!: "
Pr(Fine-Tuned Universe | Intelligent Design & Fine-Tuned Universe) = 
Pr(Fine-Tuned Universe | Chance & Fine-Tuned Universe) = 1

This is to say that since we are here we must live in a universe fine-tuned to our existence regardless of whether that universe was created by an intelligent designer or by random chance. Therefore, the fine-tuned universe argument does not, in the final analysis, promote either intelligent design or chance (Sober)."


Bitch. Ph.D.: I LOVE THIS GIRL: "Read this, and then, if necessary, re-think that idea that women--including 13-year old girls in foster care--can't be trusted to think through the realities of abortion on their own. Better than some goddamn bureaucrat at the DCF or a judge who isn't the one carrying the pregnancy."

Salon.com News | The atheist

Salon.com News | The atheist (interview with richard dawkins)
fuck off, intelligent designers

Verve Remixed 3

Album Cover
Definitely the best yet in my opinion!