slovak election law

this post is to hold a bunch of stuff i find that i'll need to refer to later
  • http://www.legislationline.org/legislation.php?tid=57&lid=301&less=false
  • awk 'BEGIN { FS=","; } {if ($1 != "\"\"" ) print $0;} ' partyvote-by-obce.csv > partyvote-no-pct.csv

surprises to no one

Whole Foods would pay $565 million, or $18.50 a share, for Wild Oats, a 23 percent premium over the average share price the last month. The company would also assume $106 million of debt. Shares of Whole Foods jumped as much as $2.24 in after-hours trading to as high as $47.94
Wednesday night, in a short, ambiguously worded statement, the companies said they would dismiss all legal action against each other regarding the trademark and that Apple could use the name [iPhone] for its device, which it plans to start selling in June.

Jobs wouldn't have walked out there and called it the iPhone if he weren't damn sure he could get away with it. Expect AirPort hardware to be made by cisco (or its consumer brand Linksys) if it isn't already.



Next week is mardi gras, meaning no market – soulard will be full of drunk stupid people instead, so I had to think about two weeks of food. I also have stuff in the freezer I sorta forgot about so it helps to list them here and thoughts on what to do with them.

  • macaroni and cheese with whole wheat penne, cheddar, and bacon; salad
  • fettuccine all’alfredo
  • ma po tofu (need ground pork)
  • chicken with scallions, black bean sauce
  • risotto with zucchini (end of last batch of chicken stock; also time to make more of that)
  • polish “hunter” sausage and sauerkraut with apple
  • more pizza (left over cheese! yay!)
  • tofu pad thai
  • paneer makhanwala
  • chicken vindaloo
  • orechiette with spinach, peas, mushrooms; goat cheese pink sauce
  • seared tuna



The house next to my apartment – a single-family structure on a street of 6-unit buildings mostly – has been as far as I know empty for the entire time I've been here. There was, however, a mean foreign (german or eastern european of some variety) woman who I learned owned this place. She has a daughter, but I only saw them rarely. She thought it was appropriate to yell at me about something involving trash and the dumpster one time; I kind of went off on her.

So, sometime last year or the year before, she and her man-folk, working on the weekends, built a detached, unheated garage out back (in addition to a strange cement-slab back yard with a cesspool, or birdbath the size of a kiddie pool).

Today, I see a crew of men (not hers) knocking the thing down. WTF?!