septembery greenmarket

september greenmarket by gay.goy.gourmet
september greenmarket, a photo by gay.goy.gourmet on Flickr.

  1. gai pad grapow, jasmine rice
  2. cayenne-spiked cauliflower with onion-tomato sauce; rice with peas
  3. pesto and whole wheat pasta
  4. eggplant curry with kala/goda masala and tomato; rice with almonds and fresh mint
  5. polenta with rogue oregonzola; salad
  6. macaroni and cheese with andouille and Beecher’s cheddar from Seattle; roasted brussels sprouts
oh, and I made a challah.


tasty market things!

  • focaccia with tomatoes and garlic; salad with red leaf lettuce, basil, and anchovies
  • linguine with tomatoes, garlic, basil, and anchovies
  • zucchini and tomato stewed with saffron and basil, served with couscous
  • spicy-tart bell peppers and peas, yogurt rice