a pile of vicki vegetables

Scott was here for the weekend and brought me a wondrous supply of vegetables from our Chicago CSA farmer Vicki.

  • asparagus and tofu thai red curry
  • kale pineapple peanut stew; couscous
  • baked asparagus cream sauce pasta with leftover cheeses
  • omelette with arugula and rogue caveman blue
  • patatas en salsa verde, unmade from last week; I had lime flavored rice with toasted chana instead
  • turnip korma and rotis/parathas


springy things

stir fried pea shoots with tofu and dried shrimpPatatas en salsa verdeeggplant saladEarly Summer Salad


this week

  • spinach with chiles and coconut, or toasted moong dal with spinach, rotis
  • dan dan noodles with ground beef and half a tofu
  • zucchini and havarti cream sauce over couscous with sun dried tomato
  • potato+sweet potato with panch phoron, coconut milk, spinach


what I'm eating this week

  • salad with roasted beet, havarti, egg, radish; petite boule au levain
  • squid salad, lemongrass coconut rice
  • gongura dal with radish greens in addition to the sorrel (gongura)
  • Mint pesto potatoes with green beans
  • liver curry, plain rice with peas, small salad
  • dan dan noodles again. I had not realized how easy they were.