A dairy farmer summarizes all that is wrong with America

“Cheap food makes for expensive health care.” Harper’s, via Bitten.



an amazing CSA dinner: things from Vicki: eggs, potatoes, onions, red and romaine lettuce, scallions, radishes, broccoli, rosemary in focaccia. Things from afar: valdeon and organic zamorano cheeses from spain, portuguese douro red wine, and olive oil.

flourless chocolate torte

So we have a whole bunch of rosemary from Vicki… Scott suggests, "how about something with chocolate and rosemary?" It was a marvelous suggestion. I infused the butter with a sprig of rosemary, melted chocolate into it, and then combined that with beaten egg yolks and finally folded in beaten whites. It baked for about an hour and is served with whipped cream, a sprig of mint, and a sprinkling of fleur de sel.


grilled eggplant and asparagus over polenta

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with goat cheese and 10yr balsamic, and flor de sal.

not irrelevant

when calculating marginal likelihoods: dealing with over- and underflow


corporate parents

a less than wonderful graphic, conveying little other than groupings, but probably stuff that a lot of people would be surprised by. i too occasionally forget whether, for example, cascadian is kellog or general mills…


thanks scott, a superfun type quiz! I got 32 on my first try…

washu, ever insecure about ratings of all kinds

I am amused by this email today,

Washington University is updating its Master Plan for Dining Services on the Danforth Campus, and we encourage all students to complete the brief survey that can be reached from the following link.

Student input is vital to our efforts to provide the best university dining service in the country. By completing the survey, you will be eligible to participate in a drawing for valuable prizes. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts with us on this important subject. Thank you.

No doubt a typical “oh shit! ratings!” response to last week’s nyt article.

retail troubles

I liked this nyt article on foundering lame-ass retailers. Among tidbits: lane bryant and fashion bug are owned by “Charming Shoppes” (the spelling signaling its complete lameness); bombay furniture going under, sharper image too.





  • aloo gobi and mooli parathas.
  • curry fried rice (nasi goreng) with pineapple, tofu, snap peas. And a barely-cooked egg or two on top.
  • grilled eggplant, red pepper, asparagus, over polenta, and goat cheese (I had a picture of this from a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find it)
  • chicken prik khing with green beans (hopefully with extra tamarind paste if I get some)
  • tofu two ways: ma po, garlic chives
  • and Sunday we are making the three-course bouillabaisse from the Dean and Deluca cookbook. N&S bought shrimp and mussels. I bought many pounds of other fishes, from both Bob’s Seafood and the chinese Seafood City on Olive. There will be pictures for sure. With salad. And burnt panela ice cream.


spring csa! or, "the Carrot"

Our spring CSA from Vicki started this week – we’ve been excited for months, of course. Many of the crops are things that either survived the winter or were stored. Beets and potatoes and onions; and a few greenhouse things: butter lettuce (wow.), gorgeous chard, and an interesting flat-leaf kale. And there were three carrots. Not regular carrots, mind you: the largest carrots I have ever seen. We won’t start having weekly veg photo shoots for a while, but I had to take this one with my phone, the largest carrot next to a bottle of wine. To make:
  • caldo verde gallego
  • quiche with sausage, onion, and chard
  • roasted beets in butter lettuce salad with leftover tango sur steak; ginger-orange-miso dressing
  • carrot birthday cake?

poland eu sustainable farm agriculture

long article in today's nyt.