spring csa! or, "the Carrot"

Our spring CSA from Vicki started this week – we’ve been excited for months, of course. Many of the crops are things that either survived the winter or were stored. Beets and potatoes and onions; and a few greenhouse things: butter lettuce (wow.), gorgeous chard, and an interesting flat-leaf kale. And there were three carrots. Not regular carrots, mind you: the largest carrots I have ever seen. We won’t start having weekly veg photo shoots for a while, but I had to take this one with my phone, the largest carrot next to a bottle of wine. To make:
  • caldo verde gallego
  • quiche with sausage, onion, and chard
  • roasted beets in butter lettuce salad with leftover tango sur steak; ginger-orange-miso dressing
  • carrot birthday cake?

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