• mpotompoto! plus some crumbled frozen tofu
  • spicy potatoes with chiles and tomatoes, molagha urulikazhangu
  • mapo tofu with mushrooms
  • bengali summer squash with shrimp and chiles, lau chingri maach
  • pad see ew with romanesco


what I’m eating this week

  • tortilla de papas y chorizo
  • penne alla norma (eggplant, fresh tomato, parsley, ricotta salata)
  • tofu with pickled mustard greens
  • (not made last week) potatoes and peas with curry leaves
  • some kind of dal with fresh green chiles
  • beans and tomatoes and bread


first real week in ny

  • plantains and cabbage with pigeon peas (paruppu)
  • stir-fried shanghai bok choy with dried shrimp
  • chile garlic eggplant with ground pork
  • okra with curry leaves and coconut
  • white + sweet potato with peas and curry leaves