Somehow I have 6 pairs of shoes in my office-sunroom and 2 in my bedroom. None of them are on the shoerack.

next semester!

Seminar: Theories Individual and Collective Choice Behavior I

T 8:30-10:30 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Bueno de Mesquita

An introduction to Rational Choices Theory. Topics will include the following: the foundations of Rational Choice Theory, Spatial Theory of Electoral Competition, Cooperative Game Theory, and General Equilibrim Theory. 3 credits. Prerequisites: PolSci 5052, Mathematical Modeling in Political Science. (Formal Theory and Methods)

Quantitative Political Methodology I: Foundations

T R 1:00-2:30 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Park

This course is an introduction to political methodology, focusing on probability theory and elementary statistical inference. Particular attention will be paid to research design, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals. 3 credits. Prerequisites: graduate standing or permission of instructor. (Formal Theory and Methods)

Comparative Party Politics

W 1:00-3:00 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Rosas

In this seminar we will review some of the concepts and theories employed in the comparative study of political parties and party systems. Most of the canonical literature has been developed with an eye to the political experience of advanced industrial democracies, but has been extended more recently into the study of inchoate democracies, where the programmatic character of political parties cannot necessarily be taken for granted. We will focus on the constitutional and societal determinants, and on the political and economic consequences, of different party system arrangements, centering mostly on European and Latin American politics. 3 units. (Comparative)

Approaches to Comparative Politics

R 10:00-12:00 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Sened

Problems of theory construction and testing in a comparative framework. Both underdeveloped and industrial societies are discussed. Primary emphasis placed on increasing student's abilities to criticize and develop theoretical ideas. 3 units. (Comparative)


nothing like a refund check!

Almost 60 days after moving. (Scott, note: two water usage charges for July and the first half of August were deducted from the total.)

Just like a lesbian

I replaced my bike tires today! GRUNT!


I'm a bad blogger

I swear I'll be better when my powerbook is all fixed. It feels like work to sit down at my desktop and write stuff.


a good workout

I met some other people, grad/med students, who swim relatively frequently. I worked out with them and it kicked my ass today!

  • 500 warmup
  • 500 kick
  • 3x [ 2(4x75 @ 1.15,10,05,00), 4x50 kick ]
  • 200 easy


chipotle, qdoba

I had previously contended the Qdoba was owned by Burger King. In fact, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box. Chipotle, 90% owned by McDonald's, has more than twice as many stores.

i love fg!

David Maltese just played one of my all-time favorite tracks, The Phoenix (the RITM River and Rain mix)!

menu for the week

  • butternut squash giant ravioli with browned butter and sage
  • pechuga de pollo al ajillo and orzo with roasted red peppers
  • tortilla española and mixed local greens
  • chicken korma & basmati rice
  • tuscan beans & tomatoes, companion bakery bread


argh! broken again!

I would have made the same diagnosis as the Apple Store, but I still don't like not having my computer for another fucking week. After it came back with a fresh logic board, I ran it for about 3 hours on the battery. I plugged it in at home, did some more work for about 45 minutes, and as I was connecting to my computer to transfer Lee's files, this time it at least gave a kernel panic screen. Subsequently it wouldn't boot (but, unlike before, would give a boot chime).

So the powerbook is back off to the Depot, but now we know that there is a problem specifically with DC power. I'll also exchange my adapter, just in case.


powerbook coma

Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Case Number Dispatch Number Name Status
9/8/2004 41924098 R3140220 Michael Malecki Begin Repair
9/14/2004 41924098 R3140220 Michael Malecki Begin Testing
9/13/2004 41924098 R3140220 Michael Malecki End Hold
9/8/2004 41924098 R3140220 Michael Malecki Hold - Awaiting Part
9/14/2004 41924098 R3140220 Michael Malecki Ready to Ship
9/5/2004 41924098 R3140220 Michael Malecki Repair Requested
9/8/2004 41924098 R3140220 Michael Malecki Unit Received


On-message, cont'd

Do you trust the GOP news machine, or are Fox News and MSNBC the only sources of Truth in the world?

5 articles and a book

articles by wednesday, book by thursday... not too bad.

When I get refdb installed on Steve's machine I'll be able to provide citation links.

upward revision

I used to consider 512mb an adequate minimum of RAM. 768 works well enough on my win2k3 server. That was before I'd used 1.5GB on my powerbook.

Many thanks to Josh for the hookup (pointing out the sweet deal at Outpost).


Jon Stewart rocks

on Schwartzenegger's rallying the faithful at the end of his speech with a chant of "four more years": "Wow. His will... seems to be, triumphing." Damn that's good.


GOP "Reporter": Nancy, what is the lifeblood of the community? Is it small business? Nancy: Oh yes. Small business is the backbone of the community where I am from in [swing state] Ohio.
GOP "Reporter" (to someone else): What will happen if we don't re-elect President Bush? Not an Economist: If we do not reëlect President Bush, a lot of small businesses are going to go out of business.

Yeah, the real news sucks too

Since they do have access to all kinds of Republicans, it's interesting the Fox News might actually put principle above party for once, suggests Wirzbicki at TNR.