argh! broken again!

I would have made the same diagnosis as the Apple Store, but I still don't like not having my computer for another fucking week. After it came back with a fresh logic board, I ran it for about 3 hours on the battery. I plugged it in at home, did some more work for about 45 minutes, and as I was connecting to my computer to transfer Lee's files, this time it at least gave a kernel panic screen. Subsequently it wouldn't boot (but, unlike before, would give a boot chime).

So the powerbook is back off to the Depot, but now we know that there is a problem specifically with DC power. I'll also exchange my adapter, just in case.


Willy said...

I think that's what you get for buying that Apple junk. Why not go mainstream? Get a Dell and some good Microsoft software. LOL.

mjm said...

That's not a fair criticism at all. I've had two dell machines (a latitude x300 and a desktop of some variety) in my last job arrive new DOA. Fair advantages of Dell portable machines over powerbooks would be the vastly superior LCDs, lighter weight, and two-button pointing devices. I bought a powerbook for a number of other features (overall design, stability of osx over xppro, firewire800, built-in dvd-rw without much extra weight) that I judged more important in a portable machine for myself.