myth commercial detection

Applies a series of score for the scene based on looking at all three factors in relation to one another, especially taking timing and patterns into account. Based on the final score of a scene, it's either (essentially) dropped into the show bucket or the commercial bucket. It's not a black/white type thing. Because of the scoring, there are a whole range of grays in the middle. You end up with scenes that looks "more" like commercials or "more" like show content, and they are then flagged as such.
in other words, it's a Bayesian update! I'll look into this more…


i love the market

  • stir fried tatsoi with teriyaki
  • sautéed beet greens with roasted beets, salad
  • prik khing with tasty long beans, sticky rice
  • risotto with zucchini (on chicken stock day)


complete darwin online!

darwin-online.org.ukCharles Darwin

me too!

Pollan in the NYTMag sunday:
The week of the E. coli outbreak, washed spinach was on sale at my local farmers’ market, and at the Blue Heron Farms stand, where I usually buy my greens, the spinach appeared to be moving briskly. I tasted a leaf and wondered why I didn’t think twice about it. I guess it’s because I’ve just always trusted these guys; I buy from them every week. The spinach was probably cut and washed that morning or the night before — it hasn’t been sitting around in a bag on a truck for a week. And if there ever is any sort of problem, I know exactly who is responsible. Whatever the risk, and I’m sure there is some, it seems manageable.


Yogurt is not a big truck

Yogurt is not a big truck
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  • friend rice (nasi goreng)
  • fennel soup with saffron and tomato, pumpernickel
  • chicken filet al ajillo, baked purple potato
  • pad kee mao chicken and broccoli
  • bacon and spinach quiche


keyboard consistency fix

…how to move from word to word. This is ⌥← and ⌥→ in all the Mac applications I use, except Terminal. Until now.


movie to see

Salon review of Shortbus: “Group sex may be a beautiful thing, man, but it's also a jumble of wobbly lines and arms and legs heading the wrong way.”

GMBO: giggling my butt off

Check out the handy list of everyday acronyms so you can decode your kids’ IMs with congressmen.


if only we could make expensive, synthetic fish oil…

NYT: The fact that heart patients receive such different treatments in sophisticated hospitals around the world highlights the central role that drug companies play in disseminating medical information, experts said.