This would have been cool

So pumpkin portraits seemed cool until
All carvings are carved on Fun-Kins™ artificial pumpkins. Do not use open flame for illumination. We recommend battery powered lights. The Pumpkin Lady is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of these pumpkins and/or illumination.

A pumpkin for Steve!


It's not that they're passionate

(New Salon article)
It's that they're completely fucking misinformed about the world.

Next up on the gay agenda

after marriage equality...
Cher as Secretary of State.
(from Margaret Cho)


It makes you chuckle

in that special NPR way.



A member of our class of 8 became very seriously mentally ill. He was hospitalized and is "under very close medical supervision for the forseeable future." Officially, he is on medical leave from the University, and has returned home, which in his case is a foreign country. There is almost zero chance that he could be reinstated into the program.

One lesson we are meant to take from this, according to the Chair, is that "globalization is here to stay."

So Billy and Natty agreed very well / And Mama's well pleased at the match

A book due out early next year asserts that Abraham Lincoln might have identified as gay in modern times. From Andrew Sullivan.


Good Design Makes Choices Clear.

The AIGA GOTV initiative is hot. More design is exactly what this country needs!

Who do you love now

Who do you miss now

an excellent extension

Jay (Sarcastic Frustration) has extended the 12Reasons by inserting bits of the Republican platform.

She's a demographic... nascar mamas?

She is pissed off


VotergasmThis site is great! Especially their how-to guides.

a little bit silly. a hardcore conspiracy theorist might think that it's part of the long-term effort to suppress democratic votes by spreading stds.