insane summer produce

  • watermelon
  • red fire & romaine lettuces (Scott: “I like the crispy red lettuce. Can you get more of that?” Me: “Of course, only on Friday though. It’s the same farm as the baby corn and they said they sell out of lettuce by like 8:30. By far the best lettuce of all the markets.”
  • assorted carrots
  • assorted small beets
  • red peppers and a green pepper
  • peaches and nectarines
  • apples
  • pineapple mint
  • summer squashes
  • onions
  • mixed small tomatoes
  • baby corn — I learned they started growing this at a request from Blue Hill; also, last for at least 3 weeks but there will be more.
  • assorted tomatoes
So what will this stuff become?
  • watermelon, feta, basil salad
  • summer salads
  • quinoa with vegetables and tasso
  • lecsó!
  • summer squash risotto


yay summer

  • cantaloupe-basil sorbet
  • more peach frozen yogurt
  • ‘sea robin’ (like scorpionfish) sautéed in olive oil over quinoa with tomatoes, salad
  • basil and dandelion pesto (half for freezer)
  • thai red curry: tofu, okra, carrot; sticky rice
  • chile basil baby corn and tofu, chinese mixed grain rice stuff
  • corn and tomato curry; potato and paneer rice
  • lemongrass eggplant, coconut rice
  • steak with my favorite salsa; caesar salad


  • stir fried on choy with shrimp paste and ‘mock chicken’ style tofu
  • fish-fragrant eggplant with ground pork
  • tofu in caramel sauce
  • rice with potato and paneer
  • big salad with carrots and tomatoes, walnut bread / olive bread