week four

week four
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  • green chile potatoes with mint and cilantro, yogurt rice

  • tamarind garlic taro (wanted this for a while), lime-chana dal rice

  • red-braised beancurd sticks, pan fried noodles, lao sze chuan style chile cabbage

  • ma po tofu with kale (unmade from last week)

  • indonesian stir-fried carrots

  • salad with roasted potatoes, green goddess dressing


malbec and steak!

We finally had malbec-and-steak wine club, and managed to all go to delicious Tango Sur with lots of great wine. A great night overall I have to say.

A. Pélisse Croix du Mayne Cahors 07
Very full bodied with tons of fruit, my note for this simply read, “yum, but needs steak.” This is what I drank mostly with my meal.
B. NQN Malma 07
The lower tier from my favorite Argentine producer – I could not get the reserva or the “colección” from NQN, but still recommend them highly. Yael and I loved it but some others found it overly acidic and alcoholic.
C. Clos de los Siete 07
Interesting oak, forest-floor-like for me, on top of heavy fruit. Bitter and watery for some.
D. Pulenta La Flor 08
Smoke, heavy, “tastes like a 2×4.” One person found it interesting, another “smooth” but too oaky.
F. Urban Uco 08
Although in Cahors malbec/côt is often blended with Merlot, this one from Argentina is not. Surprising, since it tastes more like bad merlot than X below (which was boring, but not offensive). The most positive note was "lightly sweet and peppery", one "meh", and one "ew"
G. Bodega Septima 08
“Good” or “great” according to two. This tasted more like good high-cacao dark chocolate than anything else we drank. Very well integrated tannins and oak, with hints of vanilla and lots of fruit.
H. Árido 08
This is what I think of when I think Argentine malbec. One called it rounded and tingly, two noted the bitter grip of its tannins.
S. Doña Paula Estate 08
I called this restrained and elegant, some people found it overly oaky and several noted “bitter.”
T. Cèdre Hermitage Cahors 07
I enjoyed the lightly vanilla oak and very firm tannins here. Two said “bleh” and that they didn’t want to try it again, but I think they just hate tannin.
W. Caminade La Commandery Cahors 06
Though some found it “flat,” another wrote “:) the most interesting so far!” with licorice and earthy flavors. Some things online call it “textbook Cahors.”
X. El Colectivo 09
For me just unforgivably boring. Others said flat and uninteresting, generically fruity. “Nice, but not outstanding.”
Y. Clos Triguedina Cahors 05
Very tight, tannic, but light bodied. One person hated it though.
Z. Alamos 09
Charred barrel, overly oaked, “California style” wrote one. Not great.

Week Three

Week Three Originally uploaded by gay.goy.gourmet


First Vicki box of the year yay

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  • saag paneer variation (radish greens, mexican cheese)
  • szechuan carrot soup plus miso; bekana and radish salad with thai dressing
  • braised turnips with mustard sauce; salad of spinach, goat cheese, beets, pepitas
  • steamed bok choy with oyster sauce; tofu and mushrooms with black bean sauce
  • tamarind garlic taro, cucumber salad