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Seminar: Theories Individual and Collective Choice Behavior I

T 8:30-10:30 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Bueno de Mesquita

An introduction to Rational Choices Theory. Topics will include the following: the foundations of Rational Choice Theory, Spatial Theory of Electoral Competition, Cooperative Game Theory, and General Equilibrim Theory. 3 credits. Prerequisites: PolSci 5052, Mathematical Modeling in Political Science. (Formal Theory and Methods)

Quantitative Political Methodology I: Foundations

T R 1:00-2:30 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Park

This course is an introduction to political methodology, focusing on probability theory and elementary statistical inference. Particular attention will be paid to research design, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals. 3 credits. Prerequisites: graduate standing or permission of instructor. (Formal Theory and Methods)

Comparative Party Politics

W 1:00-3:00 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Rosas

In this seminar we will review some of the concepts and theories employed in the comparative study of political parties and party systems. Most of the canonical literature has been developed with an eye to the political experience of advanced industrial democracies, but has been extended more recently into the study of inchoate democracies, where the programmatic character of political parties cannot necessarily be taken for granted. We will focus on the constitutional and societal determinants, and on the political and economic consequences, of different party system arrangements, centering mostly on European and Latin American politics. 3 units. (Comparative)

Approaches to Comparative Politics

R 10:00-12:00 -- Room: TBA -- Instructor: Sened

Problems of theory construction and testing in a comparative framework. Both underdeveloped and industrial societies are discussed. Primary emphasis placed on increasing student's abilities to criticize and develop theoretical ideas. 3 units. (Comparative)


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