Next week is mardi gras, meaning no market – soulard will be full of drunk stupid people instead, so I had to think about two weeks of food. I also have stuff in the freezer I sorta forgot about so it helps to list them here and thoughts on what to do with them.

  • macaroni and cheese with whole wheat penne, cheddar, and bacon; salad
  • fettuccine all’alfredo
  • ma po tofu (need ground pork)
  • chicken with scallions, black bean sauce
  • risotto with zucchini (end of last batch of chicken stock; also time to make more of that)
  • polish “hunter” sausage and sauerkraut with apple
  • more pizza (left over cheese! yay!)
  • tofu pad thai
  • paneer makhanwala
  • chicken vindaloo
  • orechiette with spinach, peas, mushrooms; goat cheese pink sauce
  • seared tuna

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