OU Kosher | (for scott)

OU Kosher | What's New for Passover 2005 (5765): "The OU position remains that extra virgin olive oil can be used without special supervision for Pesach. In addition, Bartenura, Carmel, Gefen, Mishpacha and Season olive oil will be available with an OU-P label. Della Rosa grapeseed oil will again be available this year. This last product was made in Europe with the cooperation of various other supervisions. Mother’s olive oil pan coating spray, Mishpacha olive oil spray and Manischewitz buttery safflower cooking spray, olive oil spray and olive oil garlic cooking sprays will also be available. Prepared olives with an OU-P will be available from Gefen, Osem, Kvuzat Yavne, Gilboa and Mishpacha."

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