what an idiot

This sounds like a great idea until you try to deconstruct the sheet. You need a road map. One element cascades from here, another from there. One wrong change and all hell breaks loose. If your Internet connection happens to lose a bit of CSS data, you get a mess on your screen.

Sigh, Dvorak the dumbass strikes again. No, fool, “cascading” is a perfectly well established concept – inheritance – given a different name in the web context. I have no problem at all borrowing from standard stylesheets and overwriting attributes, especially when the firefox web developer plugin can show me all the style blocks applied to any given element and where they came from, no matter how many stylesheets have been called.

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Chris said...

And how the hell would your interenet connection "lose" a piece of CSS? TCP is a reliable protocol (by definition, not by judgement) -- with it's acknowledgment capabilities, you can't *lose* data. Ugh, moron.