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Avast, Me Critics! Ye Kill the Fun: Critics and the Masses Disagree About Film Choices

Scott and I recently saw Pirates and I was most taken aback by the quality of the trailers we had to endure. Normally, at least one or two of the trailers before the movies I tend to watch. Of the 6 or 7 meant to appeal to a mainstream audience (including, I think, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Accepted) very few failed to elicit from me a, “how did that shit get made, and why?”


Steven said...

There were a couple of promising previews in front of Lady in the Water. And I think Accepted has the potential to be subversive.

mjm said...

Lady in the Water looks pretty awful: an exercise in self-indulgence from a director who we were all suckered into liking by a good screenplay the first time. As for Accepted, its only redeeming quality could be Louis Black, but it really looks like adolescent dreck. Come on, the trailer scene featuring a “class” observing women in the pool?