I love hypocrisy

dumb nyt hamburger graphicI apparently have a thing for hypocrites – like I find them endearing or something. Here we have the French behaving every bit as we would expect a certain other person to, lacking entirely a sense of ironie.
But even as protesters sought to cast McDonald's as the embodiment of all that is wrong with fast food and American culture, the French never stopped eating its hamburgers.

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Josh said...

"In fact, the only ingredient that is not French, paradoxically, is the cheese on the cheeseburgers. That is because McDonald's relies on cheddar — the one kind that the French do not make very well. So, when McDonald's France promotes a one-month special of large burgers with cheese each winter, the cheese comes from the Netherlands or Austria."

What, they use real cheese at McDonald's in France? That's a big step up over their American counterparts!