Beet Risotto

Featuring fresh market vegetables of course, beet risotto is colorful and delicious.


maestro said...

they have some wild mushroom/beef risotto at the local Italian restaurant, Deneno's, which is also tasty. Be sure to share the recipe, mmmmmmmm.

mjm said...

It could hardly be simpler: it's just a basic risotto, but in the beginning, you sauté about 4 small to medium half-inch diced beets with the onions and garlic, until they just start to get tender – they'll continue to cook throughout the 20 minutes of adding wine and stock to the rice. I added some shelled peas (a June market favorite) with the last addition of stock (last 5 minutes, ish) and finally a touch of parmiggiano and butter (the matecato). I served it with some of Cypress Grove's delicious Ewe-F-O grated over the top.