• quesadillas with cheese and refritos negros
  • pasta with lemon and tofu
  • pasta salad with yellow squash, dill, and tzatziki-ish sauce.
  • Risotto with zucchini, asparagus, and basil
  • Tortilla española and mixed greens salad
  • (from last week) Tofu with chili and basil and sweet thai noodles
  • barbecue baked tofu, salad, cornbread


Josh said...

Are you a vegetarian now?!

mjm said...

no no – this isn’t that atypical; I/we usually do not eat very much meat. We happen to have three tofus sitting in the fridge and it is asparagus season. FWIW, the beans in the quesadillas will be prepared with a healthy serving of bacon.

Josh said...

Oh thank gods! I was worried.

Mmmm. . . bacon.