Fedex Kinko’s is now Fedex Office

But nothing about it has really changed. I had to go there to print my Polmeth poster (ugh) and figured I might as well have a batch of cards my name & email on them. I dropped my files on a CD, biked up to the nearest friendly Fedex Office where I had the following exchange.

Me: (holding CD) I have two files on this CD I need printed — one is business cards that I need a few of on cardstock and cut; the other is a large format, 24×36.

Kara: Where are the files?

Me: On this CD.

Kara inserts the CD on her computer and clicks several times. I assume she has a file-browser window open and is viewing the contents of the CD.

Kara: Which one is the business cards?

Me: The one named Malecki-cards-10up-color.pdf

Kara: Is it color or black and white?

Me: Color.

Kara: OK. What is your last name?

Me: Malecki.

Kara: (still looking at her computer) How do you spell that?

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