Instead, I will be eating conference food. BLAH!

Some things for Scott to make while I am at polmeth.
  • one of the indian ‘dumpling’ recipes (with yogurt, maybe tomato paste) where instead of besan dumplings you use up the TJ meatless balls. there are several recipes near the end of the legumes chapter and in the appetizer section.
  • sautéed chard (garlic, balsamic) ; and the grilled tofu thing i bought on sale at wf quickly cooked with garlic and parsley as if it were chicken.
  • something indian with cabbage; raita or other cucumber salad (there are at least 2 giant cucumbers)
  • macaroni and cheese and salad
  • Tabbouleh (we have lots of parsley. Even better with zucchini!

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