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"Kieslowski's 'Three Colors' trilogy was more than just the slickest concept album in the history of European cinema. It was a quantum leap for the medium, a reminder not only of what was possible, but what was necessary.

I'm trying at some point in the next couple of months to arrange a showing of the trilogy, since I know a few people to whom I've said, "What? We must, must watch them sometime!" This salon article from 2002 is as glowing as I always am about Kieslowski's masterful work.


Josh said...

I saw all three in the theater (Music Box) a few years ago, and I've re-watched the first two recently, thanks to Netflix. Still have to get to "Red" again. It would probably be fun to watch them all in a row to better get the connections between them.

mjm said...

I saw blue and red on film a few years ago, which was fantastic – but for now the dvds will have to do. The extras on the dvds where Kieslowski talks about how obsessive compulsive he is are great. In Blue, he goes on for like 10 minutes about the soaking of the sugar cube in the espresso must take exactly 8 seconds, no more no less, and how he had some poor intern go out and test all the sugar cubes and how you have to hold it just right... but it makes for a sublime scene in the cafĂ©.