Missouri legislative highlights

: Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the state of Missouri

(A.1.7) Present the benefits to individuals, families, and society of a lifelong monogamous marriage between a man and a woman.
(A.1.8) Present scientifically accurate information, consistent with the provisions of sections 1.205, RSMo, and 188.015, RSMo, on the development of the unborn child from fertilization until birth, including but not limited to such developmental milestones and information that:
  1. At fertilization an unborn child's life begins;
  2. The unborn child's gender is determined at fertilization;
  3. An unborn child's heartbeat and brainwaves can be detected during the first trimester of pregnancy;
  4. The unborn child has growth and development of various body organs and limbs, fingerprints, and sensory awareness long before birth; and
  5. Alcohol, drug, and tobacco use by the mother can be harmful to the developing unborn child.

(A.7) No school district or charter school, or its personnel or agents, shall provide abortion services, or permit a person or entity to offer, sponsor, or furnish in any manner any course materials or instruction relating to human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases to its students if such person or entity is a provider of abortion services.

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