train dinner

Train dinner is usually quite a production for me. With about six hours to fill, why not spend the better part of one of them enjoying things I love (that is, cheese)? I discovered pita in the freezer so I'm using that and did not go to Companion today for bread.
  • Castello (mild, cow's milk blue)
  • A mild, young, California cheddar
  • (both of which to go with rather bland but nicely textured local Fuji apples)
  • Valdeon, a cabrales-like but younger (creamier) cow-goat blue from Spain
  • A few slices each of jamón Serrano and prosciutto di Parma, to compare and more intimately understand both.
  • Sungold cherry tomatoes (the last of them for months! They are generally not commercially available because like satsumas they are very easily damaged once picked.)
  • peanut butter cookies I made the other day
  • And of course, australian wine in a can!

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