Reasons to be glad you are not my roommmate

In general, living with me is probably better than living with a lot of other people. I am myself clean, and keep common areas very clean. I come with lots and lots of cooking paraphernalia and would rather share it than watch someone use cheap tools or improvise with the wrong ones. But, I can be pretty demanding about things that some people think don‘t matter. At least I can laugh at myself?
(earlier in the week)
Please segregate forks correctly. Dinner forks in the front, salad/dessert forks in the back. The point of kitchen organization is never to have to dig or search for things; they should be at one's fingertips. (Related point: I don't mind the cutting boards' new home, but they can't be jammed in sideways because that makes them harder to get out. Vertical, they are accessible and I like that there's a few cm more space to the left of the sink.)
Subject: gentle reminder
Any meat garbage (trays, especially those strange pads that line them) doesn't go in the regular trash, unless it is full and you are also throwing it out. I have thrown out the foul-smelling kitchen trash.
And in order to retrain your subconscious reflexes, I have left fork- separating as an exercise :) What do you imagine *does* go in the front-left-top section of the silverware tray if not the second most frequently used item in the drawer, after their spoony neighbors?
I thought we use to put them in the back shelf. That`s what I did so far, because the don`t entirely fit into the front shelf. Sorry again.
[historical point: no, I have not changed the allocation in the top section of the drawer-organizer. dinner forks in the front, salad forks in the back. It's not random or my own reflexes, but because I've thought about usage patterns. contrast things like the hand graters and ice cream scoop: it doesn't really matter which segment they go in, as long as they're not in the same one as the most commonly used items, the silicone spatulas.]
my question remains: what would you have in the front? the small forks? Then you have to pull the drawer out more if all you want is a dinner fork. Do you use small forks more than big ones?
The problem of 'fit' doesn't prevent the drawer from closing, and doesn't cause them to spill into other compartments. It's simply a matter of their tines being elevated by leaning on the rear of the compartment.
Even so, why would you mix them?!!?! if you think that dinner forks ought to go in the back because they 'fit' better, move the salad forks and I probably would be less annoyed than now where I find them all jammed together in the back.

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Jess said...

Aw. I haven't checked your blog in a while, so I hadn't seen this post before today. I had to stop and comment, though -- it's too cute. You haven't changed at all since elementary school.