yummm, wine.

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The Bottom Shelf » Blog Archive » Honey Moon Viognier (I'll be enjoying some of this with the faux tandoori chicken, I think – I quite liked this wine's cousin, the Old Moon Zinfandel, also from TJ’s and also about $6.)

Jeff Krimmel’sThe Bottom Shelf” linked above is a neat blog anyway. It’s not clear what Jeff’s field is, but the site subtitle is “a graduate student opines on beer and wine.” That’s what I do!

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jjk said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the flattering comments. I study mechanical engineering (specifically computational fluid dynamics). I'm wrapping up year three, and unfortunately, the end isn't really in sight.

You keep quite a nice blog here yourself, by the way. Oh, and enjoy the Honey Moon. It was a good one. I'm going to buy another bottle or two the next time I see it.