There's a limit to how much I can tune out

And scott doesn't help much with his bizarre fascination with television. I hate it. He has these dumb-ass distractions on, which for the most part I can ignore, but then he likes to comment upon them as if I'm paying the slightest bit of attention. The present one, of course, is the end of american idol. The perfunctory Times article calls it a “monster-size celebration of mediocrity that, astonishingly, has not lost its hold on viewers even in its fifth season.”


ScottMDPhD said...

Here's a sampling of the painful comments:
Eeep! OMG look at Gayken's hair!
Wow, Mandisa really is huge.
Ooooh. It's MaryJ! Love her!

Besides, doesn't someone live in a glass house called "My Super Sweet 16" :P

maestro said...

television is the most important lifeblood out there. dammit. as someone who spent the weekend finishing up the fourth season of Gilmore Girls, I can't begin to tell you how important television is to me. then you wonder why I am single. ok, you don't wonder :)