A bus story

Today when I went from the gym to Intelligentsia, I took one of the several buses that goes down state street (it's just two stops). I sat down next to an older black woman. While several other people were busy getting on the bus, she nudged me to take off my earphone. When I did, she said, "I'm glad you're skinny sitting next to me, don't want one of these fat people on here. Look at all of 'em!"


cajunbebop said...

Ha. thats too fucking funny

Josh said...

Well there are a lot of fat people on buses. When I rode one a few weeks ago, I was sitting in one of the inward facing seats with an empty seat to my left and a little metal barrier to my right. This very large woman got on the bus, and I started to fear she would sit next to me. But I thought, "No, she's too big. She wouldn't try to fit in there." I was wrong. She wedged her 300+ lb. body in between me and another person. I got squished up against the barrier, with my arm pressed tightly against my side.

That wasn't so fun. I understand your woman's sense of relief.

LadyJMPH said...