geekness: open source reference db

A project for this week: bib database to serve me for the rest of my career. I am likely going to install refdb and postgresql on at least three different machines - ADM's, Steve's, and my powerbook and maybe my win2k3 server - because of my requirements:
  • db with separate tables for biblio entries and notes
  • import/export in xml and other biblio standards (ris-xris/Z39.50/bibTeX)
  • update-anywhere replication possible (so i can take it with me on my powerbook)
  • easily insert reference links in docbook xml, LaTeX, and html
RefDB is basically the only thing out there that does this. I absolutely refuse to pay for proprietary software that's not being actively developed and isn't based on open standards (endnote). I want a relational database. TeX/bibTeX people (ADM and Steve) like their flat files, but I think that's only because they are not webapp developers and haven't experienced the power of relational data (nor xml, for that matter, but that's another story).

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