Confused on a doctrinal point

Lt. Gov. Michael Steele of Maryland was clearly only invited to a primetime speaking slot at the GOP convention because he's black. The Republicans are doing their best to pretend that they have got a 'big tent.' (The white people probably concede to this strategy the same way the anti-war democrats have to put up with John Kerry).

Anyway, Steele thought that one of his applause lines would get a lot more applause than it did. He was talking about how W is a Man of Action. Blah blah, Democrats and Kerry just talk about things, don't get them done, etc. But his big applause line fell flat on the predominantly white, probably largely evangelical audience: You can't just have faith to get things done. Faith without good works is no faith at all.

I guess no one told him that born-again Christians think that faith ("a personal relationship with our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ," as they usually put it) is enough. Do black evangelical churches actually differ from white ones on this key point of Christian doctrine?


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