syrah/shiraz and bbq roundup

I was so busy grilling things, and we had overall such a wonderful night (and extremely well attended) that labels and bags lost sync. I have a few that I know for sure, and a few more by who brought them. We will have to be more careful next time. I would say my two favorites are the top two here, followed by the Montes Alpha and the Petite Sirah (cheating, but super tasty).

(T) Zaca Mesa Santa Ynez 05
This was my choice, and one of my two favorites. Dark, concentrated, smooth.
(P) Claymore Dark Side of the Moon, Clare Valley AU
Garrett's excellent selection, similar to above but more spicy
(V) Boom Boom WA State 07
(X) Casa Castillo Valtosca, Jumilla, 07
unusual to find this style from Spain. It is straight shiraz blended with a bit of Viognier
(ℶ) Winner's Tank Velvet Sledgehammer, Langhorne Creek South AU
(I) Quivira Petite Sirah
Exactly what is lovable about petite sirah, with mushroomy earth and delicious complex fruit.
(W) Qupé central coast CA 08
Dominio IV Columbia Gorge
Mark & Yaron
Epiphany Gypsy Santa Barbara County 05
‘The Catcher’ AU 07
Ravenswood 08
Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve 07
Cambria Santa Maria Count
Chris Wingland Barossa 07
Montes Alpha, Chile
As I mentioned at Chilean night when we had their Chardonnay, Montes is one of my favorite wineries and their stuff is generally very French in style. This is no exception.
D'Arenberg The Footbolt, AU 07
Hitching Post Santa Barbara County 06
This was thin, generally unimpressive
Ex Umbris Columbia Valley 08

Next time, date to be determined, will be “house wine” — bring the thing you probably drink the most of, or would like to have every day. For me, this is probably Luzón or Juan Gil, though I need to re-taste some Chapoutier Belleruche before I decide for sure. For Scott it is probably a Vinho Verde or the Albero Sparkling.

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