Near-final list for our friendly thanksgiving get-together

Conspicuous gaps to me appear to be: breads, salads, any flourless desserts. And ++wine -> ++good

*** = Definite
() = Maybe


***Pain aux fruits, le beurre (Jon)
***Cranberry Polenta Cakes
() spanikopita with feta and mint


***Reichl swiss pumpkin
***Jeweled rice
***black potato rye bread
***Red curry duck ravioli, coconut-lime sauce
***sweet potato black rice salad


***Quince and Apple Brown Butter Tart
***chocolate cream puffs
***Ensaïmadas with vanilla pastry cream
***black sticky gingerbread with pumpkin mousse
***marshmallows (Jon)
*Samsa (Ikbel)


** Eyes Wide (whiskey, grapefruit, jamaica, banyuls)
** falling leaves (riesling, pear brandy, cointreau, bitters)
** aperol spritz
** ice cider
** mmmm red wine (ok white too. but mostly red.)

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mjm said...

Tuesday: make ensaïmadas, sweet potato black rice salad, fruit mix for jeweled rice
Wednesday: bake the ensaïmadas; cranberry polenta cake, black molasses cake, juice a couple grapefruit, jamaica syrup
10am: poach duck, make tart crust
11am: poach quince, make custard, then bake tart
12pm: make pasta dough
2pm: prep the Pumpkin, parboil and layer the rice
2pm: shred the duck and make it into filling
3pm: roll out and stuff the ravioli
5–6pm: pumpkin and ravioli done; boil ravioli and toss with coconut milk and lime.