Laptop Slides Into Bed in Love Triangle - New York Times

Laptop Slides Into Bed in Love Triangle - New York Times: "Dr. Enoch Choi, 36, and his wife, Tania, 33, who have been married 10 years, both take laptops to bed to write their blogs. %u201CI suppose I started the trend,%u2019%u2019 said Dr. Choi, a physician in Palo Alto, Calif. %u201CBut now my wife is just as much the nighty-night PowerBook key-banger, blogging away for her friends.%u201DMs. Choi, a computer interface designer, said she used to be offended by gadgets in the bedroom. %u201CI don%u2019t even have a TV in the room,%u201D she said. But now, %u201Cit%u2019s one of those weird modalities of intimacy I%u2019m just going to have to reconcile myself to.%u2019%u2019 She added:%u201CHonestly, if both of us are in there with the computer it%u2019s a good night. But if one of us wants to be left alone, we%u2019re in different places with our technology. If we want to be connected, then we both bring our technology into the bedroom.%u201D"

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