fuck caps lock!

Our campaign mission is simple: to send a message to the computer industry to force it (by any means necessary) to retire the CAPS key. (I long ago remapped mine to ctrl, but the light still comes on – my generation of powerbooks have a stupid ADB keyboard, for which it's harder to kill the light.)


Josh said...

I have to disagree. I still use the Caps Lock key from time to time. Any time I have to enter more than a few capital letters together, the Shift key becomes a bit of a pain so I'll tap Caps Lock.

mjm said...

I should add, Josh, that on the Mac we have three modifiers – command, option, and ctrl. Ctrl is really inconveniently located at the far lower left of the keyboard, but is pretty much only used in a terminal window (and a few thoroughly mapped applications like FCP or Photoshop). “Command” is used for most Windows “control” functions (copy, paste, print, &c.). I don’t know how I would remap a windows keyboard. I can imagine the light being useful for an su’d shell… Maybe I'll play with remapping it to F12 (Dashboard, which I currently almost never use) or F9 (Exposé–All Windows, which I use all the time).

Steven said...

I don't know if I've ever hit caps lock on purpose. It's always a tragic accident. I say get rid of it.