So we didn't get to see much

  • guy in thong; nice tattoo though.
  • WTF?!
  • The tightly choreographed dance number!

Because we didn't have any interest in actually going inside the Hilton Hotel and convention center where the new International Mister Leather was crowned (belted? chained?), and we didn't see that many of them out on the streets, but I think the official event photos kind of speak for themselves. Enjoy. I think it's interesting – though I don't understand the whole 'leather' thing – that the second runner-up in the pageant is an M.D. from Louisiana. Don't miss the moving speech[.doc] by the winner, which I've posted here because on the official site it's only available in the proprietary Word format.


Michael Egdes
IML 2005
Mr. Ramrod 2004
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Distinguished judges, leather family and friends:

Tonight, I’d like to share with you what it means to me to be a Leatherman. I dedicate these thoughts to the memory of Robert Davolt, and to all those whom we have loved and lost.

Rope, shackles, dungeon, sling.
Crack the whip or feel the sting,

Safe, consensual, sane and fun,
One for all, or all on one.

Slave’s heart, Master’s will,
Bound in service, forged in steel.

Mentor’s guidance, lover’s care,
Warmth, compassion, always there.

Tom of Finland, Gold Coast Bar,
Old Guard, Harleys, lit cigar.

Soaked in history, drenched in sweat,
Leather Archives won’t forget.

Leather souls, no longer here,
Feel their presence, always near.

Black and blue, white and red,
Leads our battles, drapes our dead.

Tailored hides—my second skin,
But my leather lives within.

Now, as our year comes to a start,
Remember, it’s about the heart!

Cover, gauntlet, harness, glove,
Headspace, heartspace, heartbeat, love.

Thank you.

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