lots to do

we used half the pumpkin for pumpkin flan, we devoured the delicious beans, and the beef went in the delicious chichilo negro mentioned below. That leaves a lot of vegetable though. Here are some ideas.
  • [660] coconut-smothered pigeon peas with pumpkin, arrachay uttu sambhar
  • broiled eggplant with polenta
  • eggplant confit, or maybe a lasagne? Hm.
  • [660] nutty-tart bell peppers with peanuts, mirchi nu shaak (two peppers still get chopped up for the freezer)
  • macaroni and cheese with salami; braised collard greens
  • we have lots of beets. ice cream? ravioli? risotto?
  • roasted beet and bekana salad
  • cabbage, apple, and caraway soup

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