party food & drink recap

  • thai corn chowder (lemongrass, ginger, coconut milk)
  • watermelon gazpacho
  • mouhamara
  • 3 salsas: the smoky Oaxacan one I always make, a tomato one with a grilled jalapeño, and the not-spicy green one
  • pita, lavash, tortilla chips
  • chocolate N2O mousse
  • crêpes rolled up with nutella, apricot preserves, or delicious mora-café jelly from Colombia
  • bacon old fashioned
  • subcontinental (9 large cucumbers → 1.75L of juice)
  • kalamansi mint cooler (vodka, limoncello, mint, fresh lime juice, kalamansi soda)
  • pomegranate martini
  • unnamed sungold + jalapeño tequila drink (a huge improvement on the sungold zinger)
  • dark and stormy – cachaça, ginger-lemongrass syrup, ginger ale, dark rum, mint

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