interrupted week

We are going down to St Louis this weekend, so I can do some stuff before the methods meeting next week, and for Sebastian’s birthday and party. This affects food planning in two ways: we might bring one or two things down with us (in addition to the beautiful berries purchased for a sauce to go with his cake), and other stuff it would be nice to make a lot and freeze for next week. The box this week is extremely green and leafy, making that task a little trickier.

  • massive nappa cabbage
  • a giant kohlrabi
  • bekana
  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • arugula
  • cherries and raspberries from a MI farm whose name I forget
  • black raspberries from Klug
  • calzones with spinach and ricotta
  • macaroni and cheese with chorizo
  • collard greens with bacon
  • bekana and some nappa stir fried somehow, perhaps with noodles, and oysterbrown sauce
  • lettuce salad with trader joes flax pasta, egg (for me), maybe lentil patties
  • thai salad with nappa (much fish sauce, basil, cilantro, lime, toasted rice, maybe chicken or beef)
  • swordfish with arugula and basil sauce

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