Summer CSA Week 2

flooded farm flooding

We were down in St Louis on Wednesday last week so we got our box on Saturday. The previous week witnessed some pretty awful flooding in Illinois and the farm was, in Vicki's words, in a state of emergency so we'll probably have two or so weeks of pretty lean boxes. She sent two pictures of the situation.

Nevertheless we got a box this week, and still had asparagus from last week. I also picked up some strawberries from Vicki and some shelled peas (one of my favorite things in the world) from Mick Klug.

Note: Many posts and recipes for a while at least will be tagged with a “660” indicating that they come from the new book 660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer. I was even more tickled to learn he was gay and has a kid. He writes in the preface, “My partner sowed the idea for a curry book, ‘a big one,’ he said, ‘nothing like any before.’”

I have already dubbed this summer the Summer of Indian Cookery for us, just as last year unofficially was the Summer of Mexican Food. That is not to say we will forgo the temptations of fresh masa nor luscious manteca, only that we are exploring another rich and exciting culinary tradition.

  • spinach
  • kale
  • two lettuces
  • baby lettuce
  • french breakfast radishes
  • green onions
  • green curry with peas and asparagus, sticky rice
  • patli dal (yellow split peas and spinach in yogurt-peanut sauce) 660
  • kala chana masala with cornbread 660
  • scallion pancakes
  • green garlic chole hummus
  • big delicious salad
  • rigatoni with lentils and simple canned tomato sauce

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