menu for the week

It helps me to post menu plans, or at least write them down, so I don't end up throwing away any of the tasty fresh food I buy at the market.

I went this week to the Central West End Green Market, the one Hilary's friend Julia runs. I was planning on going to Soulard, but didn't want to take the highway because there is some strange one-laneness... Anyway, the CWE one was great! Not huge, but all of the farmers were really friendly, as was Julia herself, and two other sort of in-charge people, Dee and Sue. Dee is, with my consultation, bringing panzanella to some function she said she'd bring salad to tomorrow night.

  • Butternut squash ravioli
  • Falafel and mouhamara
  • Tomato and arugula salad (maybe some stale bread too – panzanella is yummy!)
  • Something tasty with pork chops
  • Lots of fresh or caramelized peaches
  • Ma po tofu (with red pepper, scallions, and minced pork)

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steven said...

Hey Gay Gourmet... we need recipes!